The world’s talk show Queen Oprah Winfrey landed in Australia last week to do two episodes of the final season of her show in Sydney.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge donned a large “O” in the signature Oprah style and the iconic Sydney Opera House temporarily nicknamed itself the Sydney “Oprah” House.

According to the Daily Mail, a soiree and fireworks display were held in Winfrey’s honor at the city’s Botanical Gardens, hosted by New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally. Oprah was dressed in a kaftan by Australian designer Camilla Franks, styled to resemble one of Sydney’s iconic birds, the Rosella.

Oprah brought in a 300 member audience last Tuesday from the US to Australia on an eight day journey in the land Down Under.


Winfrey kicked off the 25th and final season of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ in September by surprising her shrieking, jumping and sobbing fans with what she billed as the trip of a lifetime. The hand-picked audience was made up of some of the program’s most loyal viewers over the years.

On Sunday, Oprah also climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge with best friend Gayle King and 249 others, making it the largest group to ever climb to the top of the famous landmark.

Oprah’s grand excursion Down Under is reportedly costing the country’s tourism board nearly $3 million in Australian dollars (roughly $2.8 million U.S. dollars). And the government is reportedly happy to pay for it. According to the BBC, Australia’s tourism minister Martin Ferguson insisted it was money well spent as it would put Australia in the spotlight. “Oprah is a household name and her star power has the potential to lift Australia’s profile as a premier tourist destination,” Ferguson said.


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