Help Snoop set a Guinness World Record for most Retweets!

World-famous entertainer, @SnoopDogg recently reached four million Twitter followers and now has plans to be the first person to set a Guinness World Record for the most “ReTweets”. Launching today, in conjunction with his weekly interactive Twitter campaign #PuffPuffPassTuesdays, Snoop Dogg will use the combined power of his social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Ustream) to engage millions of fans. Snoop will begin “passing” the Tweet by posting a special message at 12:00am PST (midnight) asking fans to retweet until 12:00am PST (midnight) on Wednesday, August 24.

Also today, Snoop Dogg will host a special Ustream session as the message makes its way around the world. The live chat will be hosted on Ustream.tv/SnoopDogg and his Facebook page. Fans can interact with the Boss Dogg on questions about his career, upcoming projects, tours and his attempt to set the world record.

For more information on Snoop Dogg’s attempt to set the Guinness World Record, please follow him on Twitter (@SnoopDogg) and visit Ustream.tv/SnoopDogg and Facebook.com/SnoopDogg.

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