Behind the Scenes of Haven’t Loved Right- Kandi

Take a look at my sister Kandi ( Taurus love) new behind the scenes footage of her new video “Haven’t Loved Right,” which is a track in honor and tribute to AJ her former fiance who died tragically last year. She speaks on her feelings and message behind her second single.  You most definitely will want to pick up her album on Dec. 14, 2010.  In addition, Kandi will be making appearances in NYC and Atl’s Carol’s Daughter for autographs. (Check out the link below to her site for details) 🙂

Kandi is a perfectionist and master at what she does take a look here:

Also,  be sure to check out her website for the latest tours, contests, KKN AND MORE at www.kandionline.com .

I’m so proud of Kandi ! Taurus LOVE ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

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