Tonight, is a major night in Nashville for the gospel entertainment industry, local celebrities, and fans of Gospel. The Bonnerfide Radio Party hosted by BET’s Torrence Glenn will kick off tonight at Limelight Entertainment Complex. Tickets are on sale for $25.00 at the website getbonnerfide.com

Founder of Bonnerfide radio, Gerard Bonner has truely created a success with this gospel radio station. Bonnerfide Radio won Internet Radio Station of the year at the 2010 Crystal Mic Media Awards!

Last year, this was the most talked about event for the Stellar Award weekend. This time around yours truely will be in attendance, so if you see me be sure to introduce yourself and look out for my team!

Special Guests in attendance tonight will include:

Jonahtan Nelson
Jason Nelson
Ted Winn
The BRC Choir
Brittney Wright
Avery Sunshine

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