Chris Brown is tortured by DA?!

According to Chris Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos, the D.A. is after Chris and their biggest fear is his probation will soon be terminated. If that happens, Geragos candidly explains, “they won’t be able to jock him around like they’ve been jocking him around.”

He went to court yesterday with his leading lady Rihanna sitting behind him and supporting her man.

While the D.A. is attempting to prove that Chris faked the completion of much of his community service, one of their special informants at the Virginia Children’s Center where his mom was formerly Director, updated his statment and cleared the air from previous statements concerning Chris not waxing floors.

He explained to TMZ:

“It’s not that I said the guy took credit for work that I did. It’s not that I said the guy didn’t do his community service. All my statement was “He didn’t do it while I was there.” I’m in and out of the daycare center all weekend long, so he didn’t do it with me doesn’t mean he didn’t do his community service.

This is really getting me upset. I don’t know if it’s media, I don’t know what it is. People are twisting and turning this around, and I never said the guy didn’t do his community service. Never saw him there… and then they said he helped me do floors. He never helped me. He might’ve did floors but he didn’t do it with me.”

Things are looking up for #TeamBreezy and the D.A. is losing edge.

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