Janet Jackson hits jackpot!

Janet Jackson has hit the jackpot. Her man is a BILLIONAIRE, F-I-N-E and treats her like the QUEEN SHE IS! And if that isn’t enough Wissam Al Mana her fiancé says to hell with a pre-nup! Cha-ching!$$$$
That’s right her 37 year old boo who proposed to her on New Year’s Eve is making all her dreams come true. Of course Wissam’s lawyers aren’t too thrilled since they drew up an agreement that states if he and Janet should ever get divorced, she’ll walk away with a steep $500 million.
Now, Janet is far from broke with her $100-$150 million net worth, but to her new man, that’s chump change if he’s ready to drop half-a-billion bucks if things go sour. The only stipulation is that they must be married for at least five years.
A source claims:
Janet will be marrying into the sort of wealth not even her brother Michael managed to amass during his lifetime of success. She’s looking forward to a fairytale life with Wissam.
After two failed marriages, she definitely deserves it.
If you’re wondering how Wissam is living so large, he’s one of the most successful investors in the Middle East, representing luxury brands like Hermès and he also has major shares in Saks Fifth Avenue stores in at least four cities.
Back in 2010, while dating Janet, Wissam did an interview with Harper’s Bazaar where he was asked who his dream woman is and he replied:
“I think a man’s dream woman changes as he goes through different stages in his life. I’m fortunate to be dating my dream woman now.”

WELL ALRIGHT! Go Janet we ain’t mad at ya! Happy for her finding her true Prince Charming!

What do you think will she stay married this go around or not?

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