Jay Z and Beyonce spend big for Baby Blue 1st birthday

When you are the offspring of hip hop/pop world Princess Blue what do you get for your 1st Birthday?

Well according to reports, Beyonce and Jay Z spent over $200,000 on a party for Blue Ivy, that centered around a princess theme.

What did they buy?

Well, $80,000 went to the one year old’s gift from her parents, a spectacular diamond-encrusted Barbie doll.

$95,000 was reportedly spent on the finest pink and white roses and the cake was about $2,000 and toys and gifts for their guests racked up another $30,000.

I guess this isn’t much of a surprise if Jay-z spent $1 milli for a suite/nursery at Barclay Center to bring in their bundle of joy into the world.

What do you think about this? Too much or expected since she is a celeb baby?

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