Lupita covers Vogue and talks new ventures




Oscar award winning actress/model Lupita Nyong’o is busy this time of year promoting her upcoming new film this wekend Star Wars: The Last Jedi and promoting upcoming movie Black Panther.

In addition, she’s filming Americanah and a comedy/horror film called Little Monsters.

While she has a lot going on, she was able to squeeze in time for a photoshoot and interview for VOGUE magazine’s January 2018. When VOGUE calls it’s a must to answer that CALL!

Check out some of her interview here.

Teaser from interview:
For the cover story, the Kenyan beauty revealed she has picked up a new hobby. And it’s likely something you’d never guess the Yale School of Drama alum would partake in. Pole dancing! She said a male friend talked her into going to a strip club, a fancy one in Midtown. After seeing the girls’ acrobatics, she said she had to learn.

“It was incredible and sexy, and I thought, I need to learn how to do that,” the 34-year-old told the magazine. And we’re not even mad.

With learning all these new sexy dance moves, is she learning for a special man in her life? VOGUE asked and she answered.

“You can ask, but you definitely won’t get an answer,” she responds. “There have been rumors and rumors and rumors about my love life. That’s the one area that I really like to hold close to my heart.”

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