Russell Simmons speaks on Illumnati

Russell Simmons speaks out about his viewpoints on subject matters at any time. This go around he talks about his thoughts on the Illuminati. It all sparked up from Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance over the weekend.

After Beyonce’s halftime Super Bowl show was laced with black, fire, and the Dynasty sign (thought to be a clear gesture of the Illuminati), conspiracy theorists went wild!

When asked what’s up with Beyonce and the Illuminati by a TMZ paparrazo, Russell Simmons responded with:

“Aww sh*t! You know everybody works hard and looks inside themselves, finds strength, something special- the President, Jay-Z, you know whoever does well… whoever realizes their potential, it makes people who don’t work, or don’t have faith, confidence, courage to be good or be great point the finger and they gotta say… ‘Homez is down with the Devil, he’s too good.'”


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