Cover of Tyrese new book "How To Get Out of Your Own Way"

Okay Ladies, so I’m a big Tyrese fan ever since I saw that Coca-Cola commercial back in the day in 1994 and his model ads. You the one with him singing his heart out and getting on that bus. If you too young to recall get EDUCATED HERE:

These days, Tyrese is a big time actor, and has not really been hard on the music scene as much, but his presence is still found with his classic joints..like my favs: “Sweet Lady,” “On Top of Me,” “Signs of Love Making” and let me not forget “Lately.”

In additon, to all his titles Tyrese is quite the man to follow on the Social media tip via Twitter. I follow him of course and he always seems to capture the perfect words of wisdom and inspiration when you need it. I most def would recommend all the Twitterbugs to follow him! 🙂 FOLLOW TYRESE  UNDER THIS NAME: https://twitter.com/Tyrese

or @Tyrese if your on Twitter already.

I sleep GOOD at night why?? I LOVE myself.. I repeat I LOVE MYSELF..!! And REFUSE to invite BULL**IT in my life… Join me!!
If you don’t want the BEST for your LIFE.. You gonna keep on bull**iting and inviting DRAMA and HORRIBLE people in it.. Then cry later!!!!!
I am very comfortable in my own skin.. it’s simple people! You are either ADDING to my life or TAKING AWAY!..
You can’t feel bad about getting rid of F**KED UP PEOPLE!! And situations.. They are NOT gonna KILL YOU if you cut them off.. !
There are monks, Africans, and people who live in the middle of the jungles, no TV’s, electric, iphones. NOTHING and are happier than YOU!
Americans have been brainwashed to believe that MONEY is the answer to peace blessings, and genuine happiness.. NOT TRUE..!

Recently, over the weekend I noticed a special Tweet from Tyrese:

Revealed::: The cover of my first book “How to get OUT of your OWN WAY”.. Bio/MoTivaTionaL/Inspirational book! Coming June 1st..

So be on the lookout for Tyrese’s new book on June 1st titled, “How To Get Out Of Your Own Way”.. I love that title and it hits home for me. I think Tyrese’s words of inspiration and advice will go far for the men and ladies. I can picture this on top of the bestsellers list…

What do you think about Tyrese being an author? Is it a good move or do you think he should stick to singing/acting?

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