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Stylista KT Braces experience with Dr. Ruth


Stylista KT here! Tis the season! I apologize for being away for quite some time. The final quarter of 2017 has been quite STELLAR on ALL LEVELS. I started a new journey, Love is in the air, and I’m still slaying at being a mother to my six year old daughter Keeley.

Around November, I learned that I had an opportunity to invest in myself and get back my perfect smile I wanted so much.
You see let me rewind back. I have always loved smiling and I do it quite often in this thing called entertainment and marketing world.

I had braces back when I was 16. I wore them for a bout a year almost. Then I was out and ready to smile for my senior pictures by summer. Unfortunately I had an issue with my retainer and then ended up losing it. As time went by I started getting a small gap again that in my front two tweeth. I must admit it is hereditary, but I definitely knew it could be gone forever.

Some people say they love my smile and that they never noticed the gap. Well thing is I SEE IT! My friends also told me things like gaps are sexy, their in people want them, and you don’t even see it.

Fast forward to 2012, I went to Dr. Melvin Hill’s office and decided to embark on round 2 of my journey with Invisalign. I was told it would be a quick and easy treatment..WRONG! It turned out to be worst than braces for me. A nightmare on Elm Street!

It was uncomfortable every time I took the trays in and out of my mouth it felt like someone was shooting a sharp pain in all my teeth. In addition, since I am a entertainment journalist and communicator it made me have a lipse and sound weird when I spoke. And it turned out to be an even longer journey for me b/c I didn’t want to wear it all the time. Not to mention it is not something for those of us INNER FAT girls THAT LIKE TO SNACK AND EAT ALL THE TIME! I ended up getting the Invasalign off this year. I just gave up on it!

So I was on this chapter from 2012-2017! yes I know right too long!

Well fast forward. This month I had my consultation with Dr. Ruth Ross Emunds! She is simply the BEST AND AMAZING! The consultation was very professional. Their office is so friendly and patient with each person that comes in. You come in and check in the computer by your last name. Then they call you back. Well first they give you this great tour of their location which features state of the art equipment ( I’m a techy so i was fascinated), in house lab to fix any retainers or issues you may have, 3d computers that can take your mold versus having to taste the icky flavor stuff that causes you to Gag! ( Yes see told you I’m no rookie to the ortho care.) They talk you through the treatment plan after they take photos of your teeth, you watch a video that documents step by step instructions on what you should and shouldn’t do with the braces.

Then they schedule you for your braces appointment. My appointment was two days after my consultation so I had no time for it to ALL sink in ..which I was fine with b/c I am soo ELATED ABOUT THE ULTIMATE GOAL OPERATION PRETTY STRAIGHT TEETH! 🙂

During the consultation you meet with Dr. Ruth and she listens to your personal goal , looks at the xrays of your teeth and evaluates your teeth to make her final recommendation for your care. In my case there were 3 options 1) Veneers .. uhmm not ready for that yet
2) Braces 3) Invisalign.. and given my experiences I ran with the idea of Braces a 2nd time around.

I was told I would only need to wear them for 6 months and we would start with them at the top only. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse and much faster results.

Everybody’s story will be different but to get the end results PRETTY HEALTHY STRAIGHT TEETH IS MY FINAL DESTINATION!

I highly recommend Dr. Ruth if you are in the Nashville or surrounding areas. She has a beautiful spirit, listens to her patience, offers help for emergency situations, and she is the BEST HANDS DOWN IN NASHVILLE! 🙂

Get your consultation and appointment scheduled today! Learn more here: https://bracesbydrruth.com/.

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