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Cardi B Makes History x 2



Cardi B has had an impressive 2017! She made her  name global  and a household name with her hit single, “Bodak Yellow” topping the Billboard Charts, winning 3 Bet Hip Hop Awards this past week, getting the respect of top name celebrities/rappers, recently performing with Luke who gave her a major endorsement during his accepatance speech and now she has an even bigger accolade added to her list of accomplishments.


What is it?


Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” has earned her a special spot in history as the first female rapper to land the top of the album charts without an assist from a featured artists. That has to fill good to know she did it all 110% solo and came out on TOP!


As you know Nashville it is TSU Homecoming weekend coming up starting Friday! Guess who will be here live in living color Cardi B and we are going to be checking out her show.


Follow @cardib and learn about her TSU event here.

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