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Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy got BEAT!

Halle Berry’s baby daddy model Gabriel Aubry may want to look for a new job because looks like he got his face cracked after a brawl with Halle’s new leading man Olivier Martinez!

The two had a brawl on Thanksgiving and it looks like Gabriel took the beating and Olivier walked away with a few scratches!

In fact, Olivier Martinez comes from a family of professional boxers according to an interview he did with Ocean Drive Magazine a month ago. He told the magazine he a mean left hook and told them he would have been a boxer if it wasn’t for his acting.

In fact Olivier’s father was a boxing champ in Paris back in the day!

I guess Gabe had to find out the hard way!

Well I guess a lesson learned in everything! Sad situation…What do you think about this?


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