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Mr. and Mrs. Kandi Todd Tucker!


My girl Kandi Burruss made it to the alter after ALL! She flew above Mama Joyce and decided to follow her heart and tie the knot to Todd Tucker aka “The Opportunist” per Momma Joyce. The two had their luxurious fairytale wedding in front of 300 guests on April 4th at Atlanta’s Le Fais. Kandi’s dress was valued at $20,000 a custom creation by Reco Chappele with a 12 foot feathered train.

Kandi, who sparkled from her tiara to her toes, said, “The whole thing was like a fairy tale!”

Of course, there was some shade from Mama Joyce thrown and I’m sure we will catch it in the upcoming reality series Bravo has picked up their wedding as a spin off. It will also be interesting to see what really went down when Fantasia was DRUNK at her bestie’s wedding and gave a hell of a toast we hear!

Kandi revealed to In Touch Weekly about planning this huge wedding in just a month, “I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull this all together….I couldn’t wait around hoping things would get better. I just had to do it and hope for the best.”

Mama Joyce told InTouch Weekly: “Time will tell if Todd gets my blessing, but if Kandi’s happy, then I need to be happy for her.”

What did you think of Kandi’s dress?

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Kandi and Todd cover the S2S March issue

Kandi and her fiancé Todd are covering the March issue of S2S magazine!

We just are so happy for this beautiful couple. They look great together and you can tell that Todd is an all around good guy who adores Kandi. My Taurus sister looks like she is in heaven and exuding a natural glow in their photos. Check them out and mini preview of their interview below:

Kandi on Todd being called an opportunist

“I heard different people like Wendy Williams trying to say he was an opportunist, but I was trying to figure out, “What does she mean by that?” Todd makes good money doing what he does, and he also has a lot of different business ventures going on outside of that. And he did not want to be on TV or anything. I think, for AJ, it was more about if people can’t figure out how you make your money, then they always try to say, “Oh, you must not have any.” But you can clearly see that Todd is working. He does well, so no need to question it.”
Kandi on their bedroom behavior

“I have to test [the Bedroom Kandi products] out to make sure they work right for everybody else.”

Check out their slideshow here

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Kandi Burruss takes on Gospel Music

My favorite Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is moving on to a new genre of music these days in “Gospel”. The songwriter’s first single “Stay Prayed Up” is set to be released next week.

She wrote on Facebook, “I knew when I decided to do it that I would be criticized. That’s to be expected. I’m a single mom that had a child out of wedlock, I speak openly about sex… The song is like a testimony for me. Hopefully people with a similar struggle can relate. I’m posting the lyrics to the hook. I’m looking forward to you hearing the whole song next week!” Check out the artwork she posted.

Take a look at a snippet of RHOA episode where she works on the song with Marvin Sapp

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