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Essence 2017

Of course Essence ISSA movement in itself! It’s the epitome of a black family reunion with great mixings of your favorite celebrities and artists performing on stage, interviewing, and having down right clean FUN in NOLA!

Check out some of the great performances here:


Issa surprise..mixed reviews on No Limit Reunion. They went hard but honestly the moment Snoop Dogg hit the stage he stole the show…

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Romeo Miller who we all grew to love and know as “Lil Romeo” with his hit “Ohh Romeo,” is all grown up now and falling into his father’s footsteps. Romeo is 20, and is taking over his father Master P’s legacy with No Limit Records which was No. 1 in the 90’s and sold over 75 milli records. His business partners are all in the family.

He has help with his brother Valentino (Vice President of No Limit Forever), his uncle Silkk The Shocker (COO -Chief Operating Officer”) and cousin Black Don (Senior VP of A&R).

The newly reformed No Limit will focus on digital content to release music to the masses rather than Master P’s origins of selling tapes and CDs from the trunk of his car.

In addition his little sister, 13, Cymphonique will star in the new sitcom “How to Rock Braces and Glasses” on Nickelodeon. The show debuts in September.

She is even pursuing a music career.

Check out her new video “All That” featuring her big brother Romeo and 7-year old Memphis rapper Lil P-Nut ( who I had the pleasure of meeting at the SEA Awards last year. I’m hoping they get him on the line-up this year. See him DANCE IT OUT HERE)

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Master P’s little girl making moves

Master P’s little girl Cymphonique Miller has took on a big assignment in landing a role on a new Nickelodeon sitcom called, “How to Rock Braces and Glasses.” Cymphonique will play Kacey, a girl who was popular until she has to get braces for her teeth and has to wear glasses.

I guess Cymphonique was ready to take on her big brother Romeo’s footsteps! Let’s see how this goes. Nickelodeon has definitely coughed up money for this family!

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