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Stylista KT Braces experience with Dr. Ruth


Stylista KT here! Tis the season! I apologize for being away for quite some time. The final quarter of 2017 has been quite STELLAR on ALL LEVELS. I started a new journey, Love is in the air, and I’m still slaying at being a mother to my six year old daughter Keeley.

Around November, I learned that I had an opportunity to invest in myself and get back my perfect smile I wanted so much.
You see let me rewind back. I have always loved smiling and I do it quite often in this thing called entertainment and marketing world.

I had braces back when I was 16. I wore them for a bout a year almost. Then I was out and ready to smile for my senior pictures by summer. Unfortunately I had an issue with my retainer and then ended up losing it. As time went by I started getting a small gap again that in my front two tweeth. I must admit it is hereditary, but I definitely knew it could be gone forever.

Some people say they love my smile and that they never noticed the gap. Well thing is I SEE IT! My friends also told me things like gaps are sexy, their in people want them, and you don’t even see it.

Fast forward to 2012, I went to Dr. Melvin Hill’s office and decided to embark on round 2 of my journey with Invisalign. I was told it would be a quick and easy treatment..WRONG! It turned out to be worst than braces for me. A nightmare on Elm Street!

It was uncomfortable every time I took the trays in and out of my mouth it felt like someone was shooting a sharp pain in all my teeth. In addition, since I am a entertainment journalist and communicator it made me have a lipse and sound weird when I spoke. And it turned out to be an even longer journey for me b/c I didn’t want to wear it all the time. Not to mention it is not something for those of us INNER FAT girls THAT LIKE TO SNACK AND EAT ALL THE TIME! I ended up getting the Invasalign off this year. I just gave up on it!

So I was on this chapter from 2012-2017! yes I know right too long!

Well fast forward. This month I had my consultation with Dr. Ruth Ross Emunds! She is simply the BEST AND AMAZING! The consultation was very professional. Their office is so friendly and patient with each person that comes in. You come in and check in the computer by your last name. Then they call you back. Well first they give you this great tour of their location which features state of the art equipment ( I’m a techy so i was fascinated), in house lab to fix any retainers or issues you may have, 3d computers that can take your mold versus having to taste the icky flavor stuff that causes you to Gag! ( Yes see told you I’m no rookie to the ortho care.) They talk you through the treatment plan after they take photos of your teeth, you watch a video that documents step by step instructions on what you should and shouldn’t do with the braces.

Then they schedule you for your braces appointment. My appointment was two days after my consultation so I had no time for it to ALL sink in ..which I was fine with b/c I am soo ELATED ABOUT THE ULTIMATE GOAL OPERATION PRETTY STRAIGHT TEETH! 🙂

During the consultation you meet with Dr. Ruth and she listens to your personal goal , looks at the xrays of your teeth and evaluates your teeth to make her final recommendation for your care. In my case there were 3 options 1) Veneers .. uhmm not ready for that yet
2) Braces 3) Invisalign.. and given my experiences I ran with the idea of Braces a 2nd time around.

I was told I would only need to wear them for 6 months and we would start with them at the top only. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse and much faster results.

Everybody’s story will be different but to get the end results PRETTY HEALTHY STRAIGHT TEETH IS MY FINAL DESTINATION!

I highly recommend Dr. Ruth if you are in the Nashville or surrounding areas. She has a beautiful spirit, listens to her patience, offers help for emergency situations, and she is the BEST HANDS DOWN IN NASHVILLE! 🙂

Get your consultation and appointment scheduled today! Learn more here: https://bracesbydrruth.com/.

Follow her on social media: FB HERE, TWITTER , Instagram

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Coming Soon..ssshh!


I have a little tea for yall. I been away for a minute, but it’s for good reason. Last week and this week has been such a blessing! God is truely Amazing and he has been showing UP AND OUT! It’s so wonderful to be apart of a new journey with fresh chapters!

I can’t wait to spell this tea..but guess what you will have to wait for it…

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The Cavalia Experience- Behind the Scenes

Earlier this week I was able to attend the Cavalia show and was granted access to the VIP PARTY, SHOW, AND BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE! Nashville you definitely don’t wanna miss this show! IT IS WORTHE TICKET BEGINNING TO END!

So save those coins that you through away on things you don’t need and get culture and so much more with this show. I have seen this show twice and it was equally awarding a 2nd time around.

Check out the coverage here:

15% DISCOUNT for those who follow my page and Instagram @stylistakt_com.
Use the promo code ” SOCIAL ” at cavalia.com/live .
* This promo code will be active as of Saturday, September 9 until Sunday, September 17. Promo valid on all shows for Gold and VIP ticket categories

P.S. I have some cool prizes to giveaway from this event go to my Facebook page: facebook.com/stylistakt to learn the details on how you can win! 🙂

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Terry Jam and Jimmy Lewis

Today I was provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet #LIVINGLEGENDS TERRY LEWIS AND JIMMY JAM! WHAT AN HONOR AND A PRIVLEDGE! THEY ALLOWED ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE MY PERSONAL TESTIMONY! (It included a conversation about them being a major influence in my life, thanking them, talking about my idol Janet Jackson and meeting Prince yes I have met Prince!)

I met these two heavy hitters at the Pearl Cohn Entertainment School located in the heart of North Nashville. The school is lead under the direction of Dr. Sonia Stewart and a phenomonal group of students who were uber talented in their own right.

During, my visit I witnessed these two brothers share how they got started in the music business, personal family stories, real stories behind the artists they have worked with like MJ, Prince, and Pink to name drop a few. They were simple detailed and patient in answering each and every question in a Q & A Style Panel discussion.

Check out some of the footage and photos below and be sure to go to our FB GROUP STYLISTA KT AND HIT LIKE TO SEE THE VIDEOS WE HAVE!



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Drake wants to get Rihanna



Watch their natural chemistry and performance here:

Word has it Drake is really wanting to make Rihanna his girl however RiRi just wants to play. They have been spotted partying and coming out of each other’s hotel rooms.

Now, an insider told E! News: ‘They aren’t seriously dating.’

Yet, the source did go on to say that the stars were in fact seeing each other, claiming: ‘It’s just for fun righ They aren’t seriously dating.’ t now.Apparently, though, the twosome are in fact seeing each other. ‘It’s just for fun right now.’

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K Michelle dishes on her New Man

Well K.Michelle recently spilled the tea on her new good man! She says she is with a doctor now and she is happy and ready to have a family! We wish her all the Best! In other news she even rose to be a bigger person and prayed and offered love to Toya Wright. As we all have heard she lost her two brothers in New Orleans over weekend. Just last week she got her divorce with Memphitz. It would be great if these two women could get a relationship since they do actually have a lot in common.

Watch K Michelle dish on her new boo here:


I'm happy for #kmichelle I'm hoping he's a good guy because I heard otherwise about dude. Be careful K! #NBK👃👢

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Come join FUJI Fitness for Nashville Bootcamp April 25-26th!



Come one come ALL and join FUJI Fitness and VannFit this weekend for a two day bootcamp for only $20.00!



Name: Curtis Echols
Born: Memphis Tennessee
High School:White Station High
College: University of Memphis/played football
HOBBIES:I LOVE all sports, playing video games
Relocated: Nashville

ABOUT: I always wanted to keep myself in the best shape as possible, and then I started training friends and family which lead to Fujifitness. I am certified with the American Fitness Institute (afi).  I offer different styles of training. Strength and conditioning cross fit, boxing and kick boxing and boot camps. I’ve started the full body fitness boot camp with my friend from Memphis, Vannfitness and we are going to bring Full Body Fitness to different cities. We already started in Memphis now we are launching our services in Nashville and surrounding areas.






#fujifitness #homeworkout #fitness #fit

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If your interested in signing up for a workout plan, meal plan or need a personal trainer contact Curtis Echols of FUJI Fitness on Instagram at @fujifitness! Be sure to tell him @STYLISTAKT sent you! 😉

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