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ON the Record with Tatyana Ali

Earlier this week, I was able to talk to one of my favorite actresses who exudes beauty inside and out Ms. Tatyana Ali. She has definitely been a positive role model for me growing up on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Currently, she is playing Roxanne in Young and the Restless and now taking on a new venture with a starring role in the sitcom from Tv One called, Love That Girl! starting on Jan. 10, 2011 on TV One, which she also produces with her sister Anastasia with their company HazraH Entertainment.

Get the scoop on Tatyana’s new projects, experiences, Santa list and more as I go, “On The Record with Tatyana Ali,” the actress, producer, businesswoman, singer, blogger, national spokesperson, volunteer and host : READ FULL INTERVIEW AND SEE CLIPS HERE

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SNEEK PEEK: “Love That Girl”

Check out this exclusive sneek peek of Tatyana Ali’s new show “Love that Girl” which will start Jan. 10th at 9pm EST on TV One. The world of television has been all about reality shows here lately, so it is good to see Tatyana back on the scene doing her thing with her own show. Everybody remembers her from her “Ashley Banks” role in Fresh Prince, however I’m sure you will love the new and full-grown Tatyana who actually was a producer on her new show as well. Stay tuned for more details! We are expecting BIG THINGS FROM TATYANA ALI IN THE PRESENT AND 2011! Onward and upward! 🙂


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Love That Girl! Season 1 Episode 4

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Tatyana Ali hits TV One!

The Cast of Love That Girl

Tatyana Ali is back on screen with a 90’s black sitcom inspired show called “Love That Girl”, which is produced by Bentley Kyle Evans (who previously produced “The Jamie Foxx Show”) and comedian/actor Martin Lawrence.

The show is scheduled to debut on TV One as the first scripted TV series on Jan. 19th 2011 at 9pm. Check your local TV listings for time.
Tatyana has been busy at acting since she started as an actress/producer with Fresh Prince of Bel Air and then matured to roles like Roxanne on Young and the Restless and as a best performer in BET.com’s Buppies.

(I have been a huge fan of Tatyana’s since she played her role as Ashley Banks! I remember everyone used to tell me I looked like her as a child. :)) I will be waiting to see this show!)

For more information on Tayana Ali vist: http://www.tatyanaalionline.com/

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