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Christmas 2012 Celebrity {Photos}

Check out all the great celebrity photos that were posted over the holiday by your favorite celebrities themselves.
Who is your favorite celebrity out of this group?

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Sneek Peek Oprah and Rihanna interview

Calling all Rihanna fans get ready for an up close and personal interview on Rihanna done by the Queen of Daytime talk shows Oprah Winfrey. She will go back to where she was born and raised, and answer all the questions we the fans have been dying to know. It will air on August 19th.

Take a sneek peek here:

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Oprah wants to interview George Zimmerman

According to Essence.comm, Oprah Winfrey is breaking her silence on the Trayvon Martin case. “It’s a tragedy and it is a shame that we’re sitting here 33 days later and there hasn’t been an arrest, or questioning of what actually happened. It’s a tragedy and it is a shame and we all know it,” she says. “Mr. Zimmerman… I would love to talk to him.”

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Oprah lands 1st interview with Bobbi Kristina

Billionaire, Queen of DAytime Television talk shows, and currently owner of OWN NETWORK OPRAH has recently landed the first interview with Bobby Kristina.

I guess this will help her suffering ratings. She has scooped an exclusive interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter. The talk will air on OWN’s Oprah’s Next Chapter next Sunday, March 11 at 9pm EST, according to a release from the network. Bobbi Kristina is expected to share personal memories of her mother and address “rumors and speculation surrounding Houston’s death.”

The special, which was taped last week, will also include interviews with Houston’s manager and sister-in-law, Patricia Houston, and her brother Gary Houston. Prior to the interviews, OWN will also re-air Remembering Whitney: The Oprah Interview, which features Oprah interviewing Houston in 2009.

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