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Jordan Peele: Success and Oscars


By: Kristin Sales

Jordan Peele is a name that many people already knew. I was a fan of his due to his sketches on Key & Peele.  From their skit about self-aware bullies, to their commentary skits on Barack Obama; the pair always showed their comedic chops.


In the film Keanu, it became obvious that Jordan knew how to write a good movie. Though he didn’t direct the film, he did write, produce and star in it. The film didn’t have the same kind of social commentary as Jordan’s later works, but there was a sense of using subverting stereotypes within the black community.


It goes without saying that Jordan’s directorial debut was phenomenal. Get Out was a sensation in the box office, having a budget of $4 million and making back $254 million. Jordan used the horror film to make satirical commentary on the occasional harmful nature of some white liberals. With its critical acclaim, it is no surprise to see that Jordan Peele and Get Out were met with four Oscar nominations. It was announced that Get Out was nominated for “Best Picture” and “Original Screenplay”. The lead actor for Get Out, Daniel Kaluuya was nominated for “Lead Actor”. Jordan Peele was also nominated for “Best Director”. It’s so exciting to see that Peele was not only able to make such a socially relevant film, but to also be so critically regarded. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is excited as to what will come next from Peele.


2017 Oscar Nominees List


The 89th Annual Oscar Awards will air tonight. We are hoping it will be a great night for Hidden Figures, Moonlight and more. Who do you want to see win?

Recap: “La La Land” was the top nominee, notching a record-tying 14 nominations. “Moonlight” and “Arrival” followed with eight nods each.

Additionally, after back-to-back years in which the academy did not recognize any nonwhite actors, the 2017 Awards saw each of the four acting categories feature at least one nominee of color.

Check out the nominations below:

Here is the list of nominees:


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