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Kevin Hart and Mike Epps Twitter Beef

Apparently Mike Epps thought it was time to fire on Kevin Hart after commenting on his friend Katt Williams. It looks like things did not fair well in the end for one of the comedians…you be the judge!

After this when you think about it how could Mike Epps think to say something about Kevin Hart…

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Kevin Hart ready for SNL this weekend!

Kevin Hart is the numero uno comedian these days and is making himself pretty popular with his new BET Reality TV series and now he will be set to appear on SNL this weekend at 11:30 ET. Check him out below:

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“Second Generation Wayans” Premiere

BET is prepared to take over your TV with their two new scripted series “Second Generation Wayans” and “Real Husbands of Hollywood”. Check out the pics as they start 2013 with a bang. The shows will kick off January 15th and we can not wait…

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