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Janet Jackson Concert of the Year!



Hello everybody by now you have been seeing and hearing about the concert of the year Janet Jackson’s State of the World Tour! She has been serving it up with the choreography, singing, fashion, hair, celebrity appearances at her show, and looking fierce as a mother!

Now Stylista KT has been a fan of Janet’s since day one and actually I see her as the reason for me starting my career in Entertainment well actually the formula was Janet + MJ+ Prince !

10 YEARS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT GAME AND GOING STRONG! I have managed to meet the Jacksons and her dynamic duo producers Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam! Now the missing piece to the puzzle is all I need..



Well the tour is coming to Nashville, however I have a life commitment so the only opportunity I have for sure is to score at the upcoming Atlanta concert December 17th!

Well of course you can purchase tickets today or go here for your chance to WIN FREE TICKETS!

I have never missed a Janet Jackson concert since 1989 and I don’t plan on it now…

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