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Janet Jackson Concert of the Year!



Hello everybody by now you have been seeing and hearing about the concert of the year Janet Jackson’s State of the World Tour! She has been serving it up with the choreography, singing, fashion, hair, celebrity appearances at her show, and looking fierce as a mother!

Now Stylista KT has been a fan of Janet’s since day one and actually I see her as the reason for me starting my career in Entertainment well actually the formula was Janet + MJ+ Prince !

10 YEARS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT GAME AND GOING STRONG! I have managed to meet the Jacksons and her dynamic duo producers Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam! Now the missing piece to the puzzle is all I need..



Well the tour is coming to Nashville, however I have a life commitment so the only opportunity I have for sure is to score at the upcoming Atlanta concert December 17th!

Well of course you can purchase tickets today or go here for your chance to WIN FREE TICKETS!

I have never missed a Janet Jackson concert since 1989 and I don’t plan on it now…

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Coming Soon..ssshh!


I have a little tea for yall. I been away for a minute, but it’s for good reason. Last week and this week has been such a blessing! God is truely Amazing and he has been showing UP AND OUT! It’s so wonderful to be apart of a new journey with fresh chapters!

I can’t wait to spell this tea..but guess what you will have to wait for it…

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Hello everybody allow me to RE-INTRODUCE MYSELF MY GOV’T NAME IS KEOSHA THOMAS HOWEVER MY WRITING NAME IS STYLISTA KT! Some may ask me how did you get that name? Well here’s a lil background. I was a ANTM junkie and there was this one hit wonder show that defined me CALLED STYLISTA! DON’T BELIEVE ME CHECK IT HERE AND MY INITIALS ARE KT! SO FROM THEN ON I WAS STYLISTAKT I HAVE MY OWN STYLE, FLAVORINGS AND FASHION STATEMENT WHEN IT COMES TO THE WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT! I TRUELY EAT, SLEEP AND BREATHE ENTERTAINMENT which is why I came up with idea to create my blog way back when in 2009. I started out on blogspot and been rocking here ever since. My goal has been to offer coverage of Nashville’s lastest entertainment scene, art, fashion and culture! I TRUELY LOVE ALL MUSIC I ROCK WITH COUNTRY, ROCKSTARS, JAZZ, ROCK N ROLL, HIP HOP, GANGSTA RAP, HIP HOP, POP, OLDIES, 80’S, 90S, MOTOWN, AND YAS I MUST GET MY PRAISE ON GOSPEL MUSIC! I JUST WANNA PRAISE HIM!

Anyhow I have always been a music junkie since I can remember. It all started at age 3 for me I would dance to Prince dress up make my cape like his and boots and put on a show for my family and friends ( really anyone who would show interest in me…lol) Then I graduated to Ms. Jackson if you Nasty! I can remember staying up late with the parentals to cope the latest new fashion and dance moves on Soul Train! That SOUL TRAIN LINE WAS MY EVERYTHING! THE GOOD OLE DAYZ YAS! SO NOW FAST FORWARD I wrote poetry as a kid and got published and I even remember writing for a couple of my school papers. JOhnson Middle School Jaguars to be exact! That was 6th grade and then from there I would write short essays and poetry at home as a hobby.

In college, I attended Middle Tennessee State University.I learned that I loved to write so I became a fashion, sports, news and feature writer for MTSU Sidelines. From there did two internships locally at Daily News Journal Newspaper since I was a Print Journalism major and served as an Editorial intern at the Nashville Parent Magazine. From there I worked at a startup website and discovered more about myself.

I loved being creative and writing! During all this time I still attended all concerts I could get to I feel like I have seen just about everybody LOVE! Fast fwd more in 2009 I started my journey with a website called Examiner.com this allowed me to write about topics on celebrities, entertainment in Nashville and worldwide. I enjoyed this special chapter which allowed me my first celeb interview with Kandi Burruss ( my cool TAURUS sister), the opportunity to meet and work with my favorite rapper @Snoopdogg, @Kim Kardashian, Steve Harvey, legendary gospel pioneeer RIP MR CROUCH, build life and family relationships with my brothers KLOUD 9, MACSHAWN100 and many more! I could tell yall so much about it but this post would never end.

HIGHLIGHTS of my career would be most definitely MEETING THE PURPLE ONE YAS I ACTUALLY MET AND HAD A JAM SESSION WITH PRINCE HE PULLED ME UP ON STAGE IN LOUISVILLE, KY! Hanging with my WEST COAST FAMILY ( MACSHAWN100, SNOOP, WARREN G and many more), being part of history with the 1st STellar Award live taping in Las Vegas and witnessing the reunion of Destiny’s Child with Michelle’s Say Yes, interviewing Kelly Rowland and seeing how humble she is, Yolanda Adams interview, Steve Harvey and Neyo Interview at the Soul Train Awards, attending Monique show with my team in 2010 and the list goes on!

Anyhow long story short I have paid my dues and been consistent in this entertainment world! I truely EAT, SLEEP AND BREATHE IT 24-7! I feel like as a Native Nashvillian I am deserving of this honor and award from @NashvilleScene!

I hope you will continue to support the movement as I pave out the next chapter in my book! As you probably noticed there is no more Examiner.com they shut down in July of this year. However I still am a contributor to AXS.com BASED OUT OF LA and a freelancer! If you have a need for me on your team and you are the right fit give me a holler! Follow me TWITTER @stylistakt_com, FACEBOOK.COM/STYLISTA KT, Instagram: @stylistakt and my FAV @SNAPCHAT : stylistakt!

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/user/icebreaker615


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Lennox Lewis and Stylista KT in Vegas Fight Weekend.

This weekend was a major success for Las Vegas, Nevada! The city capitalized with all the clubs, pool parties, shopping, tourist spots, and the MOST TALKED ABOUT FIGHT IN HISTORY MAYWEATHER VS PACQUIAO! I was able to hop around to a couple of pool parties,THE FIGHT LIFE at MGM, and catch some celebrities turning up!

Check out some of my footage below:

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Yesterday on 60 minutes, Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced new changes and updates with Facebook which launched today. We will call it the FACEBOOK FACELIFT!
HAVE YOU TRIED IT YET? It’s supposed to make the photos experience and personality of your page come thru more…

Do you think you will be quick to try it?

The 26-yr.-old founder and CEO of mega-social media site Facebook, talks to Lesley Stahl about his life and his business, now worth an estimated $35 billion.

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Vote Stylista KT As Journalist of the Year

As a native Nashvillian, Stylista KT has been writing since the age of 9. She has worked for many publications on a local and national level. She’s is an entertainment journalist  who EATS, SLEEPS, AND BREATHES ENTERTAINMENT.. CHECK OUT WHY U SHOULD VOTE FOR HER  AS YOUR "PHOTOGRAPHER/JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR" FOR 2011 SEAS…


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