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Will Smith Sky Dives with his sons



Will Smith went on a all boys bonding trip with his sons 21-year-old Trey and 15-year-old Jaden to Dubai!

The main event was sky-diving! Yes Will and his boys live on the edge.

Smith shared photos from their excursion on his Facebook today saying: I jumped with Trey and Jaden today. I kept thinking to myself, “This potentially may be the individual worst display of parenting in African-Amercian history.”

Check out the photos here:


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Happy 16th Anniversary Will and Jada Pinkett Smith!


Will and Jada Pinkett Smith celebrated 16 years of marriage on New Year’s Eve.I just love this BLACK LOVE COUPLE!

To mark the occasion, the couple gathered many of their close friends for a party in Dubai. The soirée eventually carried over to the piano where Maxwell and Tyrese sang the couple a little fun ditty about marriage. Will even took to the piano to show off his skills! Thanks to the magic of Instagram (via Maxwell’s account), we know how fun the party was.

Go inside the Will and Jada’s anniversary party WITH THEIR MAXWELL SERENADE HERE

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RIP Uncle Phil

fresh-prince-of-bel-air-cast1s the world mourns the passing of James Avery, Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it’s very important to remember that Avery was the soul of another iconic 1990s character. The cast of the Fresh Prince is really suffering with a heavy loss. His castmates spoke their feelings via Twitter.

He was the voice of Shredder on the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and we can never, ever forget that.

Avery should have won The Sixth Man award for ’80s television (an award we just made up). He guested on a wide swath of the decade’s most iconic TV shows, including Webster, The Dukes of Hazzard, St. Elsewhere, Moonlighting, L.A. Law, Dallas and The A-Team.

But Avery also worked extensively as a voice actor, lending his talents to The Real Ghostbusters, Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling and two short-lived animated series based on violent action movies (the ’80s were a strange time): Karate Kommandos (starring Chuck Norris), and Rambo and the Forces of Freedom.

Then, his big break: In 1987, Avery became the voice of primary turtle antagonist the Shredder in the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, which ran for 10 seasons.

Avery continued his voice acting through the ’90s, notching roles on Gargoyles, Spider-Man, The Wild Thornberrys and, er, Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys.

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Jada Pinkett Smith offers a Lesson in Blended Families



Jada Pinkett Smith! LOVE HER OFFERS A POSITIVE LESSON IN WHAT IT TAKES TO BE POSITIVE AND RESPECTFUL IN A BLENDED FAMILY SITUATION. Ladies if this fits you then listen up if not interesting to learn…

This came after Will’s first wife Sheree Flectcher and Jada were spotted together posing in photos for Trey’s 21st Birthday party in Vegas. This women are remarkable.

Earlier this year, Jada revealed that she had a very rocky relationship with Sheree when she first started dating Will but the two decided to be cordial for the sake of their kids. She also posted this message to women who aren’t accepting of their man’s kids:


Blended families are NEVER easy, but here’s why I don’t have a lot of sympathy for your situation because… we CHOOSE them. When I married Will, I knew Trey was part of the package…Period! If I didn’t want that…I needed to marry someone else. Then I learned if I am going to love Trey…I had to learn to love the most important person in the world to him…his mother. And the two of us may not have always LIKED each other… but we have learned to LOVE each other.

I can’t support any actions that keep a man from his children of a previous marriage. These are the situations that separate the women from the girls. We can’t say we love our man and then come in between him and his children. THAT’S selfishness…NOT love. WOMAN UP… I’ve been there…I know. My blended family made me a giant… Taught me so much about love, commitment and it has been the biggest ego death to date. It’s time you let your blended family make you the giant you truly are.

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Will Smith and Family hit NYC for MIB3 premiere

Men In Black 3 star Will Smith finally premiered his big movie in the states last night after making his rounds in the United States. Check out Will and the Smith Family as they warmed up the red carpet in NYC:


It will be in theatres this weekend!

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Will Smith smacks reporter

Will Smith is a married man so what gave a certain reporter an inkling to try and kiss him is beyond me. Take a close look as Will Smith got jiggy on a male reporter who attempted to kiss him. He smacked him and then says he’s lucky I didn’t punch him…

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Men in Black 3 Seoul Premiere

Last night Will Smith and Jada Pinkett walked the red carpet in Seoul, South Korea.

The couple looked great as Jada rocked an Armani jumpsuit and Will appeared dapper.

This is the third Men in Black movie for Will. During a press conference at the Ritz-Carlton before the premiere, Will told the crowd, “This is the first movie that I’ve completed a triology, playing a character three times. It feels like home. It’s like a warm, family reunion.” Sweet!

Men in Black 3 will premiere in the US May 25th! Are you ready?

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